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29 March 2015


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Polly Shouse

It was great to converse with you and Rick for several hours on Friday on Carbon and Water. We learned a lot and look forward to your company's migration into the Texas pastures soon.
All the best,

Jonathan Cobb

Thanks Russ!

Fawn Palmer

do you have a source for comparing wetlands carbons storage? Saltwater tidal, freshwater tidial, freshwater nontidal?


Fawn - I would suggest you look into the great work of Lisamarie Windham-Myers at USGS who specifically focuses on wetland systems and carbon accruals... https://profile.usgs.gov/lwindham-myers

When I have looked before, I found that the local carbon accrual rates may be even higher than grasslands, but there are fewer acres and I did not yet see the scope for a positively reinforcing economic model. Since then, I wonder if some savvy entrepreneurs might not be able to develop some innovative fishery businesses similar to what Dan Barber describes in his most awesome book "The Third Plate"?

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